Welcome to the home of brain development. We are all about your child’s mental wellbeing and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Think exercise play, physical milestones and more. We are a bunch of concerned parents who want the best for our kids, and yours too.

Here are Some of the Topics Covered

Kids exercise: With children sitting around most of the time, parents need to make sure their kids are physically active. Most people buy a bicycle and hope for the best, but concerned parents do more. Find out what you can actually specifically do to get your child’s heart pumping while having fun.

Reopening schools after coronavirus: Now that the coronavirus pandemic is slowly dying down, schools have started reopening across the UK. However, the government has set strict measures on how learning institutions should go about reopening. Please read all about it in our full blog.

Healthy brain games for two to five-year-olds: Getting your child to be physically active is good, but not enough. It would help if you introduced brain games before they turn five to aid in psyche development. That ensures the child gets a good fighting chance in the real world. Essentially, these games make your kid smarter. That ensures they become better at what they do later in life.

Learning games for six-year-old kids: While 90% of all brain development happens before age five, there’s still a 10% chance of action at six years. That’s why you should always expose the little ones to healthy brain exercises. And, we’ll point you in the right direction.