At age 6, your child is now in the middle childhood stage. They should have at least 20,000 words in their vocabulary volt and be able to create complete sentences. That is a sign of new complexities in their brain functions. And, it’s one of the indications your child’s brain is developing. Expect to see even more complex verbal skills as the child progresses.

Here are more things you should expect to see in a 6-year old.

Reading Development

At this level, your child should be in a position to read simple stories aloud. These books often feature three to four-letter words, which are simple to read. But don’t put too much pressure here. Most children will start by cramming what certain words look like. Then they eventually know why how to read. Be sure to buy plenty of kid-friendly books so the child can practice often.

Physical Development

Anyone who has ever had a 6-year old knows how fast this age grows – the child’s limbs seem to be growing every day. The average six-year-old should be able to jump rope, hula hoop and hopscotch. They should also be able to catch, draw and tie shoelaces at some point. It is a good idea to engage your children with activity kits and learning games for 6 year olds whenever possible. However, be sure to use NCEF approved physical exercises to avoid injuries.

Social Development

With their newly acquired vocabulary, kids at six years will make friends and build relationships with parents. They want to share snacks, toys and other stuff with children at school or at home. That makes them feel secure and loved with those that are close to them. However, that does not mean an occasional fight over toys won’t happen. Those are usually short-lived as their primary goal is to build relationships. It would be a good idea to take advantage of this stage as it is generally short-lived.