Intelligence might not be the key to success, but it sure plays an important role. Most people agree that nobody wants to parent mentally weak children. You want to make sure the child is good at everything he/she does.

So, how can you improve your child’s brainpower?

Experts at the National Council for Exercise and Fitness Ireland say brain development happens in the first five years of life. And exposing the child to brain exercises, like those on MentalUP, goes a long way. Some benefits of brain exercise include better memory, increased concentration and academic success.

1. Encourage Children to Use Their Other Hand

Having the child use his/her other hand is one of the easiest ways to boost brain muscle. For example, you can encourage a right-handed child to colour objects using their left hand. It might be challenging and even confusing a first, but it helps him/her learn faster.

2. Coordination Exercises

Brain body coordination is one of the underrated human skills. That is the skill that makes people good drivers or machine operators by helping them coordinate actions. To improve on this, ask your child to reach for their left foot using their right hand slowly. This simple exercise might not seem much, but it enhances concentration considerably.

3. Introduce the Number Eight

The number eight has a rather interesting shape, which makes it perfect for a growing brain. And here’s how this works – have the child draw the number on a piece of paper or air. This little action should be fun, but the real benefit is improved muscle coordination. Do this exercise a few time each day as it only takes a few minutes.

With that out of the way, it’s essential to know your child’s future is in your hands. That’s why you should implement these exercises at least once every day. And, we guarantee your kids will love them.