With screens taking over what used to be active playtime, obesity is the least of your worries. Your kids run the risk of getting cancer, Type 2 diabetes, and other nasty lifestyle diseases. That’s why exercise play should always be on the menu.

So, how do you get children to like exercise?

Well, that’s the hard part. You have to find routines that get the heart racing, strengthens their little bodies and are fun to do. Here are some NCEF recommendations that work.

Participate in the Exercise Play

Taking part in exercise play is one way of motivating your kids to workout. It sets a good example for them and helps you stay fit. It would also be a good idea to join a community of likeminded people in your area. These meetups are a great way to socialize and create healthy competition.

Choose Things They Already Like

Every kid is different. Some prefer running around playing tag while others like laid back fun like solving puzzles. The active bunch is easier to impress with exercises like jumping jacks, tuck jumps and crisscross feet. However, the other camp is not so easy to motivate. But you can try building an obstacle course themed in their favourite pastime. For example, you can create a life-size maze and do timed rounds.

Make Exercise a Lifestyle

Integrating exercise in your daily routine is the easiest way to keep kids active. You can walk the dog every other day after dinner or cycle with them to school every day. These activities alone can make a huge difference in your child’s health, mood, and they can also strengthen your bond.

The bottom line

Teaching your kids to love exercise might not be the easiest thing to do, but it shows how much you actually care. So, take this opportunity to find a like-minded community and get your children off the screens for a while.