Brain training has emerged as a big business in the last couple of years. Companies are claiming to have the secret formula for increasing IQ and improving memory for a small monthly fee. And they are banking hard.

These businesses are exploiting the fact that children are not ‘wired’ the same. One might be great at remembering things while another might forget something a few minutes after you’ve just told them. For example, your daughter might have a hard time learning how to swim while her sister doesn’t.

Here are some activities that will boost your child’s brain development.

Brain/Body Coordination Workouts

While the body and brain are part of a larger system, they don’t coordinate right out of the box. You have to train these body parts how to be in sync so the child can catch a ball before it falls. These exercises with motor coordination training lead to a better brain. Here are more examples of brain/body coordination exercises:

  • Toe wiggling: Have the child move all the toes on both feet, then switch to the big toes. It might sound easy, but it’s not.
  • Use your other hand: Ask your right-handed child to colour something with their left hand and vice versa.
  • Exercises: Find simple exercises that you can enjoy with the child

Elevator Breathing

Children love this one, and that makes it easier for you. Ask the child to lie down and breathe normally. Now ask her to breathe in through the nose and let the air out. Then breathe in and hold it for a short while. This process is not an exact science, so you don’t get a particular number of reps to work with. Just repeat it a few times then stop. The idea is to increase oxygen flow to the brain. And that will eventually lead to improved brain health.