Experts at the National Council for Exercise and Fitness Ireland (NCEF) say 90% of all brain development happens between age 0 and 5. So, if you’re not thinking of engaging your toddler with educational play, the child might fall behind even before starting kindergarten.

So when is the best time to start educating a toddler?

Well, you can introduce educational games to substitute mindless play. The child knows how to pronounce simple words at this point. So, you can add the alphabet and item names on the play menu.

Here are the best learning games for 4 year olds right now.

Building Blocks

Getting a set of building blocks is perhaps the best way to boost brain development. The child learns colours, size, shape and even gravity. Most of these building blocks make recognizable shapes, which also introduces the child to new things. The best part? You get to play ‘can you copy me’ with your child. And, these toys are also cheap and readily available everywhere.

Spot the Difference Game

Spot the difference is another cheap game that boosts brain development. It is great for 4-year olds who already know a lot about their surroundings. You have several similar objects with a tiny difference in colour or missing detail. And the child has to spot the difference to win. This exciting game improves analysis skills, visual intelligence and increases attention spans.

Word Hunt

Matching words to their objects or animals is another great game for four-year-olds. You make a list of several items, then mix up the images. The child should match the correct name and picture to win. For example, the word lion should sit next to a drawing of a lion.

The bottom line

Give your child a head start in life by boosting their brain development. And it doesn’t have to be boring. Mix up these games to keep your child motivated and looking forward to the next play date.